A Novel

The hapless adventure of a media-crazed, sex-obsessed moron.  

About the Author

Ed Mann's book takes you behind the scenes, pulling back the curtain on what REALLY happens at a big time radio station. Get ready for a provocative, funny and sometimes lurid ride - buckle up!

Joe Cipriano, voice of everything including the Emmy's, Fox, NBC, and radio veteran

For the Love of Radio is authentic and compelling, the story of a young man seeking fame and fortune in the media business, along with all the booze, pot and women he can get his hands on. You'll enjoy the ride as he Zig-Zags to incredible success!

Gary Bryan, #1 rated, 20 year morning legend at K-Earth in Los Angeles

"Click. That’s the sound of a camera capturing a snapshot of the hero of Ed Mann’s first novel, For the Love of Radio, making the big time in L.A, then losing it.

Click. An escapade so complicated it takes our hero through winding old cobblestone neighborhoods in Paris, border crossings, and late-night break ins.

Click. Real love was there all along.

Click. A fun read through the radio quagmire to a very satisfying ending.

Click. Ed is the Mann!"

Donald Barrett, publisher, LARadio

What an entertaining, honest, and revealing piece of jockdom.”

Broadway Bill Lee, afternoons at CBS-FM New York, and winner of legendary air personality of one century or another at the fabled WorldWide Radio Summit.